January 29, 2015 – CRTC decision to eliminate simsub for the Super Bowl beginning with the February 2017 game.

March 2, 2015  – Bell Media files for leave to appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal (FCA).

May 5, 2015 – FCA grants Bell Media’s leave to appeal.

July 14, 2015 – NFL files leave to intervene in support of Bell Media.

July 23, 2015 – New CRTC proposal released.  It would still eliminate SimSub for the 2017 Super Bowl but attempts to change the basis for the decision in response to Bell Media’s appeal supported by the NFL.

August 7, 2015 – NFL is granted leave to intervene in the appeal in support of Bell Media.

Nov 19 – CRTC decision to implement the new proposal of July 23 is released.

Dec 15, 2015  – Bell Media and the NFL both file for leave to appeal the new decision to the FCA.

Feb 11, 2016  –  Federal Court of Appeal grant of new leave to appeal to both Bell Media and the NFL.

June 20, 2016  – court date

August 19 – 2016 – CRTC issues final order confirming the proposed rules

September 2, 2016 – The Federal Court of Appeal decision released denying Bell Media’s request to strike down the CRTC’s decision to ban the simultaneous substitution of the broadcast of the Super Bowl.

September 19, 2016 – New leave to appeal and stay application submitted.

November 1, 2016 – Bell Media wins the right to appeal the CRTC policy, but the request to suspend the new policy until an appeal is decided is denied.

December 28, 2016 – Bell Media and the NFL both filed Notices of Appeal

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