Our Strategic Audience Management tool

SAM has been handpicked by Bell Media to marry the powerful reach of our leading television assets with the precision of digital targeting.

A rock star at building optimal schedules, SAM delivers targeted impressions based on behavioural data. SAM will assist with audience optimization against your buys.

So… Who Is Sam?

SAM is smart, resourceful, tech savvy, always up-to-date and in-the-know, and ready to deliver advanced audience targeting to achieve custom campaign objectives for advertisers.

SAM’s mission is to give advertisers the opportunity to harness the power of TV while reaching their audience with more granular targeting.

So far, SAM’s biggest accomplishment is bringing the automation and targeted audience-based buying used in digital video to linear television.

But SAM has no intention of disregarding the traditional sales model, which is still the best way to reach mass audiences. SAM provides an alternative option for campaigns that are trying to target a more defined strategic audience rather than focusing on a program buy.

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Our Networks

SAM has a hand in all of Bell Media’s National English Entertainment networks to ensure advertisers reach their audiences and maximize engagement!

How Sam Will
Transform Your Buys

Get Sam Working For You

There are so many choices for your advertising dollars and we want to help you reach your target audience. TV continues to be a powerful medium that achieves mass reach in a brand safe environment. With the enhanced layer of intelligence, SAM will give you precise targeting and greater granularity.

SAM promises to deliver a customized plan that offers the best opportunities for advertisers to tell stories, build brands, and drive your business.

  • Precise Targeting

  • Powerful Results

Get Started With Sam!

You can also activate with SAM across Astral OOH and our digital properties. For more information and to learn more about how SAM can help you, contact your Bell Media Sales rep or email us below