1. Street furniture is a civic trust that must deliver excellent service to the public as a first priority.
  2. Street furniture must blend form and function with the neighbourhoods it serves.
  3. Outdoor advertisers must strike a thoughtful balance between the public and commercial interests, always.
  4. Advertisers must be sensitive to the appropriateness of images and messages located in our neighbourhoods.
  5. Outdoor advertising plays a vital role in engaging citizens in their city and culture.
  6. Street furniture needs an appropriate mix of ad free and advertised units.
  7. Street furniture should contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of a city to tourists and citizens.
  8. Even the best designs are unacceptable if poorly operated and maintained.
  9. Outdoor advertisers have a responsibility to partner with and consult the communities they serve.
  10. A world-class city expresses its character in the quality of its public services.
  11. Each city needs a unique design that respects its heritage and embraces its future.
  12. Street furniture needs to generously contribute to the financial health of the communities it serves.

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