Information Pillars

  • On July 14, 2011, Toronto’s City Council approved a redesign for the program’s original information pillars. Information pillars were requested by the City as part of the original RFP.
  • The contract calls for a total of 120 information pillars on city streets and these will fund the full program rollout.
  • All pillars carry a comprehensive wayfinding map to serve residents and visitors. This element will become a part of the City’s comprehensive way-finding system that is under development at this time.
  • The installation of information pillars started in the fall 2011 with each pillar installed according to approved permits and site selection in partnership with the City.
  • The City and Astral of Home have determined new, more stringent placement guidelines for the program that ensure sites selected for information pillars accommodate pedestrian movement and provide a continuous sidewalk clearway.
  • Astral Out of Home is a proud partner of the City of Toronto and is committed to continuing to upholding the highest standards of quality for street furniture.


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