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A Broader Definition for TV Everywhere

Originally published by MediaPost on July 25, 2012.

“TV Everywhere” is a term that has all but entered the media lexicon.  And yet, curiously, this seemingly all-encompassing label is still somewhat limited in what it encapsulates.

Sure, it refers to the ability to distribute and consume one’s programs of choice (starting from a TV-centric perspective), to the slowly growing array of devices capable of displaying those programs. But that is a purely device-oriented definition of “Everywhere.”

It’s not a definition that takes into account the inevitable consequences of being able to consume video across fixed, mobile, linear and interactive devices.

Ask an average person what “everywhere” means, and you’ll hear liberal references to location — or more precisely a multiplicity of locations. Mobile devices — be they phones, tablets or laptops — make video consumption possible in most locations. And that reality introduces different factors that impact how –- and to what extent -– people absorb what they view.

It also impacts the relevance of promotional messaging they may encounter while at work, at an airport, in the back seat of a car or in the mall.

Similarly, this portability of video creates a wider set of social environments when viewing. Today, we are much more likely to view in the company of co-workers and friends (or even strangers) than in the past.

TV remains the dominant medium overall and certainly in the home; it will continue to deliver the largest slice of family viewing (and probably the largest device-driven slice of viewing) for the foreseeable future. If the advertising and marketing community is to take full advantage of the reality of TV Everywhere, it needs to move beyond the simple fact of content distribution and consumption across devices.

The industry needs to develop campaigns that take advantage of the growing number of people that will view — and interact with — video in the environments that make up the “Everywhere” of where we live.

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