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A First for TÉLÉTOON: A Live Host Every Thursday Nights!

TÉLÉTOON is set to begin filming a new concept with a real live host, a first for the French-language animated series network! Beginning on September 6, 2012, from 9 pm to 11 pm during TÉLÉTOON la nuit, Slaque la cravate avec Mat will be hosted by stand-up comic Mathieu Cyr.

Absurdity will be king

Mathieu Cyr is an up-and-coming comedian from Quebec who was awarded the Grand Rire’s Nez d’or Révélation in 2011. Slaque la cravate avec Mat will put at the forefront Mathieu’s passion for cartoons and his brilliant and wacky sense of humor, while inviting viewers to interact with him through social media.

Mathieu will do 8 interventions per night where he will present, among other things, the evening’s shows, including new episodes of Les Simpson, American Dad and the new cartoon series, Faut pas rêver

He will also address various topics, some less serious than others, such as “The National Day of woolen sweater” or “The hunt for tiger frogs in the Amazon.” Each week a new theme will be addressed, thus creating interesting links to the episodes of the week! 

These capsules mimic the Fred at Night concept developed by its sister network TELETOON at Night. However, the personality of each host greatly influences the tone of their respective interventions: while Fred favors a more irreverent and raw humor, Mathieu favors puns, absurdity and wackiness! 

Integration Options for Clients

Since Mathieu shows a great open-mindedness, its clips could represent ideal opportunities for advertisers in terms of integrations, references, film critics or trailer presentation, contests and product placements with Mathieu’s rather absurd style. In short, the Media Creativity possibilities with this project are endless! 

Filming will begin on August 27 and will be held every two weeks.  

A short video has been produced especially for advertisers to explain the concept. Here it is (with English subtitles).

[vimeo 48012547 600]

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