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A "Full Integrated" Apple TV in 2012?

There have been persistent rumors that Apple is planning to launch branded television sets for months. Now, in the new biography on Steve Jobs, the biographer Walter Isaacson says Jobs wanted to do for television sets what he did for mobile phones. Jobs told him he had “cracked the secret” for a full integrated Apple TV.

A proposed iTelevision would sync to all devices — iPhone, iPad, you name it — through the iCloud. There also wouldn’t be a need for new TV remotes. Sure, who doesn’t want that?

Because of this new revelation, published last Monday, medias are now talking about a new Apple TV in 2012. We are wondering now : is it a new “PR” strategy from Apple?  We have to keep in mind that the current Apple TV consol is’nt a huge succes at all. Limited TV and movie content has been one of its problems.

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