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A Look at TV Audiences and Trends for 2011

In a recent post on its blog, Nielsen takes a look at emerging trends in TV viewing in the United States. Timeshifting, mobile video viewing and social television are among the trends to watch by the end of 2011.

  • Timeshifting continues to be a significant factor in how consumers watch TV. In fact, 38% of all TV households in the U.S. have a DVR.
  • Mobile Video viewing has increased 41% from last year. The heaviest users of mobile video are teens aged 12-17 who watch 7 hours 13 minutes of mobile video a month.
  • Viewing video online also continues to increase. In January 2011, 143.9 million Americans viewed video online.
  • The audience overlap between visitors to network and broadcast media sites and social networking and blog sites is significant. In January 2011 alone, 49% of social networking and blog site visitors also visited TV network and broadcast media sites.
  • Television advertising spend was the largest medium for all ad spending in 2010, accounting for $69 billion.

That being said, where does Canada stands? Are these TV viewing trends already rubbing on the Canadian viewers?  Only time will tell…

For more information on these TV viewing trends, download State of the Media: Trends in TV Viewing- TV Upfronts 2011.


Originally published in Neilsen Wire, on April 21, 2011.

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