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A new Guide Cadeaux Ztélé in the making!

To everyone’s pleasure, the Guide Cadeaux Ztélé is back this year! As you know, the Guide Cadeaux Ztélé is now a reference for consumers when it is time to buy Christmas gifts for their family, friends or relative, and an excellent opportunity for advertisers!

In 2012, the Guide Cadeaux Ztélé generated:

–          275 018 pages viewed

–          33 551 unique visitors in only 8 weeks!

–          996 diffusion of the self-promotion on Ztélé in 8 weeks!

This year, the Guide Cadeaux Ztélé is back with…

–          A widget allowing users to make a list of their dream gifts and the possibility to win it. In 2012, around 3500 lists were created and more than half of them were shared on social media.

–          The traditional tour of Rouge FM and NRJ radio station in Sherbrooke, Drummonville, Saguenay, Quebec, Trois-Rivières and Montréal by Ztélé hosts.

–          This year, in order to upgrade the Guide Cadeaux, we added:

  • Your favorite hosts’ wish lists: François-Étienne Paré, les Denis Drolet, Jean-François Mercier, Pascal and Mathieu from Les Nerdz, Carl Nadeau, Réal Béland and Patrick will share their wishlist.
  • New lists by theme will be created to make it easier for users to find gifts according to what they like (Ex. Renovation, car, kitchen, outdoor, gaming, etc…)
  • Gift lists will also be developed for our sponsors and partners.

To enjoy this wonderful opportunity, contact your Bell Media representative today!

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