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A “School Themed” Summer for VRAK TV!

While all teens and tweens will be on their summer vacations, VRAK TV will offer them 2 new shows whose intrigues are set in school!

Anubis (Fr. v. of House of Anubis)

Anubis, is a very prestigious –but somewhat mysterious – British boarding school. One day, an American student arrives as another student vanishes… Is this a coincidence?  Follow the quest of an innocent young girl as she discovers troubling secrets about the school!

[youtube sbj9GigAf9c 600]


Freaks and Geeks (French title to be confirmed)

Freaks and Geeks, a cult-series from the 90’s, will be broadcasted during VRAK’s « Classique » segment. The story is set in a Michigan high school in the 1980’s. Whether you’re a freak or a geek, the problems are the same: finding your place amongst the different gangs in school and come to term with who you really are!

[youtube IopHL3auzNQ 600]

As usual, KARV : l’anti-gala will be back at the end of the summer, proceeded by L’anti-tapis. More details to come…


Looking forward to Canal D’s 2012 Summer programming? Do not hesitate to visit our interactive programming schedule for all the photos, clips and complete show description!

Have a great summer!

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