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ABC’S Tablet Survey: 3 trends are emerging

During Advertising Week, ABC unveiled research results into how viewers consume video on the iPad. According to Charles Kennedy, senior vice president of research at ABC, “the network conducted the study with the aim to understand viewer relationships with iPads, and where the devices may fit into the broader TV landscape.”

Three emerging trends were revealed: micro-mobility, parallel play and marathoning.

  • The micro-mobility trend is simply a desire to access content anywhere and anytime;
  • Parallel play involves one person using the iPad, while another uses a different device simultaneously;
  • Marathoning is the trend of people watching a run of episodes of a show, one after the other.

The study involved ethnographic research, focus groups and a blog. ABC plans to recontact participants and move ahead with a longitudinal study to gauge whether behaviors and appreciations are changing — and perhaps get a sense if other tablets are gaining a foothold.

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