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Another successful discussion on Séries+ Facebook page

On November 30, Séries+ held another simultaneous discussion on its Facebook page. This time, it’s C.S.I.: les experts that made people talk.

Throughout the day, eight posts related to the activity, including one promoting the discussion, were made. The remaining seven posts were made ??during the show and generated 934 “Like”, 518 comments and 28 shares for a total of 1480 user-generated news.

The post that had the largest reach was: L’épisode commence bientôt! Préparez-vous à beaucoup d’action! Nous sommes curieux: depuis combien de temps êtes-vous un fan de C.S.I. : les experts?. This post was seen by 10,758 people.

On November 30th, 41 334 people saw content related to Séries+ Facebook page, which is 46% higher than the average of the previous 28 days. These people totaled 445,206 impressions, more than double the average of the last four weeks. The number of fans also increased from 120 on that day. These results are very similar to the ones generated by the discussion about Bones giving birth held on October 9th.

Another winning initiative for Séries +!

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