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Be Reassured: TV is Not Dead!

In a recent survey conducted by ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and Forrester Research illustrates a renewed belief in the effectiveness of TV advertising. More than a 100 U.S. advertisers were surveyed and the majority of them stated they were more confident than ever about the effectiveness of TV ads. “ Compared to 2010, the number of respondents who believe TV ads have become more effective in the past two years has tripled.”

“Nearly three-quarters of marketers expressed a strong interest in targeting their advertising to addressable audiences, making use of this new behavioral and demographic data to place television ads. While there is growing confidence in alternative measurements like STB data, Nielsen remains the most trusted data source for TV media purchasing decisions.”

The survey also shows that national advertisers in the USA are tempted to experiment with advanced ad placements. “Nearly half of respondents are testing or planning to test advanced TV ad placements in the next 12 months via platforms such as video on connected TVs.” With the constantly growing popularity of the second screen phenomenon, “18% of respondents have already implemented synchronized ads, and another 31% will try out this strategy in 2012.”

“This survey confirms that the death of television has been greatly exaggerated,” comments Bill Duggan, Group Executive Vice President, ANA.

In the light of those results, where does that leave the Canadian – and Quebec – market? We know that TV is still going strong in terms of ad effectiveness, but are advertisers ready to experiment with new audience measurements and ad placements?

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Source: Videonet. “Death of television has been greatly exaggerated”, Feb. 21, 2012.

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