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Bell Media Video Viewability: Believe in the Power of Premium Video Advertising

By Jonathan Dunn, Senior Product Manager, Bell Media Digital

There’s no shortage of hot topics in digital media these days. But among the hottest, for all the right reasons, is viewability.

Bell Media’s recent announcement to partner with Moat signals our continuing commitment to delivering advertiser value. As Stuart Garvie, President, Bell Media Sales, commented:

“Buyer confidence is extremely important to us and we are 100% committed to delivering the highest quality inventory and transparency in the market. Partnering with the Moat team to deliver industry-leading brand intelligence and analytics to our clients is a natural fit, so we can offer additional analysis and update campaigns based on viewability scores.”

Our work to implement Moat and action its insights for our clients and for product development is ongoing. But we still have meaningful viewability stories to share.

Using our ad server, we’re able to track video viewability scores which highlight the tremendous value advertisers receive from buying Bell Media video. Importantly, not only are Bell Media video ad viewability scores well ahead of industry benchmarks, our completion rate metrics underline the “opportunity to be seen”.

Bell Media Video Viewability SnapshotBell Media Digital Video Viewability Snapshot_July 2015

Scores across our top properties comfortably exceed industry benchmarks:

Video Viewability Industry BenchmarksVideo Viewability Benchmark Snapshot_July 2015

We attribute our fantastic scores to four key pillars:

  • User-initiated video
  • Non-skippable ads
  • Use of large format video players
  • Long form and highly magnetic content.

Video advertising is a powerful medium for brand storytelling. It engages viewers and evokes emotional and logical responses that benefit your brand. But is your story being seen in full and are you maximizing the efficiency of your media spend?

Patrick Larouche, Director, Revenue Management, makes this point:

“Not all video inventory and environments are equal. When determining campaign eCPMs, viewability, completion rate, fraud and brand safety variables can dramatically influence the true value of dollars spent.”

With the fall broadcast season bringing must-see television back to our screens, a 24/7 news cycle and the major professional sports leagues kicking into high gear, there are more reasons than ever to believe in the power of premium video advertising.

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