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CMF Launches the Third White Paper on the Second Screen and Television

Originally published by Gabrielle Madé on CMF Trendscape blog

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) published the third and last opus of the white papers series on The Second Screen and Television, co-published with Evolumedia Group. Since the publication of the first white paper on the subject, the number of TV viewers who watch television in multitasking mode has increased steadily. Indeed, this was the case of 50% of viewers in October 2012 but this percentage has since increased to 62% of Canadians who now go online on a second screen at varying frequencies while watching TV, according to the Media Technology Monitor.

Here are some interesting findings in this last opus:

 –       Second screen initiatives need to increase viewer satisfaction, whether among potential, occasional or regular viewers or fans.

–       A well-considered second screen strategy must have clear, valuable and quantifiable objectives in order to generate expected benefits.

–       Only one out of the average 22 applications downloaded by connected device owners is associated with a TV show or channel 50% of downloaded second screen apps are activated during the airing of an episode; only 12% of users activate these second screen apps more than once or on a regular basis.

–       Finally, the second screen connects brands to social platforms and apps to add even more value to their relationship with the consumer, far beyond the traditional TV framework.

 Click here to read the entire latest white paper on The Second Screen and Television.


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