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Commercial Breaks Aren't Twitter Breaks

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While Twitter is rapidly changing the way we watch live television, a new study suggests that the social media giant isn’t necessarily having a corrosive effect on commercial deliveries.

According to Nielsen’s SocialGuide service, the heaviest Twitter activity appears to be happening during real-time programming minutes and not commercial breaks. After analyzing data culled from 59 broadcast and cable programs, SocialGuide concluded that nearly three-quarters (70 percent) of all airtime tweets were sent during the actual content.

Only three of 10 tweets are posted during commercial minutes. If nothing else, this suggests that consumers generally do not have their eyes glued to their Twitter feeds during the ad breaks.


The volume of Twitter activity that occurs during the ad pods is a direct function of the number of commercial minutes in a given program, according to SocialGuide. In other words, when the spot load is light, the share of tweets issued during the breaks is also light. By the same token, when the programming is weighed down by multiple spots, the volume of tweets sent in commercial time rises proportionately.   

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