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Connected TV in Quebec, still marginal

In its most recent NETendances report, the CEFRIO states that connected TVs are still marginal in Quebec. Even if watching videos online continues to grow among Quebec Internet users, only 12% of them own a TV connected to the Web.

This edition of NETendances focuses on online entertainment, and it is quite obvious that adults in Quebec are big fans of online videos:

  • 45.6% of adults (52.9% of Internet users) watch videos online, whether it is on platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo
  • 35% of adults and 40.7% of Internet users watch shows, TV series or movies on the Internet, whether it is free or paid content

It is also interesting to note that only 10% of Internet users in Quebec use their connected TV to watch content online. The report also shows marginal proportions that use their connected game console (8%), smart TV (2%) or even their Apple TV (5.2%) or Boxee Box (2.4%) to watch video content online.

Age is a factor that influences the propensity of Quebec Internet users to turn to WebTV. Internet users aged 18 to 24 years old are three times more likely to be entertained online by watching shows, TV series or movies that people over 65 years old. 


To learn more about the different online activities of Quebecers, click here to access the latest NETendances report from the CEFRIO.

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