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Creepy old toy commercials: What were they thinking?

Since the American Thanksgiving is now behind us, many consumers are now focusing on Black Friday, a day of commercial madness which officially launches the Holiday season south of the border, but here too!

To honor this festive time of the year, here are some old toy commercials which we think only lasted for one Christmas… Wonder why! Pay close attention to Secret Baby, Mattel Thunderburp and Swing Wing!

Baby Secret

[youtube 3SlqsLto-xA 600]

Mattel Thunderburp vs. Aliens

[youtube qDMidB2eWd0 600]

Baby Laugh A-Lot

[youtube 5kvenmWEhFE 600]

Swing Wing

[youtube FibZJGhhTVI 600]

GI Joe Astronaut

[youtube 3TwTLYuMRFE 600]

Lovin’ Licks

[youtube 8H-pwBYmRvQ 600]

Magic Potty Baby

[youtube eeZXYgdjORQ 600]

Belly Bongo

[youtube KG0FBRDTHwg 600]


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