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Exploring the World of Mines and the End of the World this Summer on Ztélé!

Starting May 21, Ztélé will offer an original production that explores the world for miners in Northern Qubec as well as epic acquisitions which uncover how to survive to the end of the world. Here is a quick overview…

Roc Stars – Production originale

In Abitibi, more than 700 miners are lowered each day in the depths of the La Ronde gold mine. Roc Stars is a 5 part mini-documentary series allows us to discover life in Northern Quebec where gold is king and unsung heroes go to work every day.



Falling Skies (French title to be confirmed)

Six months after a mysterious extraterrestrial invasion that left the Earth in ruins, survivors have gathered on the outskirts of big cities to organize the resistance and struggle for their daily survival. When ordinary people have to deal with such extraordinary circumstances, the only weapons they have left against danger and hopelessness are brains, courage and the will the rebuild their lives.

[youtube SjroVVhe8G0 600]

Les derniers survivants (Fr. v. of The Colony)

This docu-reality show exhibits a controlled experiment that makes us think about how we would survive in the midst of a catastrophe. For 10 weeks, 10 isolated volunteers will have the task of rebuilding what is left of society after a viral outbreak, while finding ways to communicate and get electricity, water and food.

[youtube IOKO19BMPKk 600]

Xlll (French version)

The well known XIII: The Conspiracy now has a continuation. After a plot to kill the president of the USA an agent with lost memories tries to recover his life and memories. Others use him to cover some dirty business involving high rank officials from the CIA and White House.

[youtube CGOJuC9VDls 600]


Ztélé’s 2012 summer lineup has piqued your curiosity? Do not hesitate to visit our interactive programming schedules for all the pictures, clips and complete show description!

Enjoy the summer!

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