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“Faut pas rêver! » adds to the incredible TÉLÉTOON la nuit fall lineup

Viewers will soon meet a whole new family on TÉLÉTOON la nuit. The new original comedy series, Faut pas rêver! (French version of Fugget About It), features the Falcone family – with former mafia ties – forced to move to Canada under the FBI’s witness protection program and renamed the McDougalls. The 13-part series premieres on TELETOON la nuit on Thursday, September 13 at 22 30 pm (ET).

[youtube z-mGAa6AXHg 600]

100 % dubbed in Quebec!

Faut pas rêver! was dubbed in Quebec with the participation of Josée Deschênes, Stéphane Rivard, Kevin Houle and Éloïse Cervantes amongst others. The series tells the story of a former member of the New York mafia and his family, now living under the witness protection program in Regina, Saskatchewan. The family members are forced to live under the false identity of McDougall and special agent of the RCMP, Strait McCool, takes them under his wing in order to facilitate their integration, despite their best efforts not to get there.

Created by Nicholas Tabarrok and Willem Wennekers, Faut pas rêver! is the winning projet by 9 Story Entertainment  of the initiative of TELETOON la nuit Pilot Project.

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