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Fiction Series. Lots of It on Séries+ this Summer!

This summer, the most watched French specialty network amongst women 25-54 in QuebecSéries+ –  will offer a wide array of new series, from drama to investigation and so much more! Here is a quick overview of the new shows to expect on Séries+ as of May 28.

Suspect No 1 (Fr. v. of Prime Suspect)

Suspect No 1 stars Maria Bello (ER; A History of Violence) as Detective Jane Timoney, struggling to be accepted in a male dominated homicide squad in New York. Although she is tough, smart and perceptive, Timoney is confronted by more than just hostile suspects when she is transferred to the Manhattan South Task Force. Timoney’s natural talent and neversay- die attitude may see her become a rising star in a job she loves but will it cost her more than she is prepared to sacrifice?

[youtube 8gCJzW98YF4 600]

Juste la vérité (Fr. v. of The Whole Truth)

Juste la vérité is constructed with a unique alternating narrative structure that chronicles the way a case is built from the perspectives of both the defense and the prosecution. Portraying each side equally keeps the audience guessing – shifting allegiances and opinions on guilt or innocence until the final scene.

[youtube b7b-3JduATA 600]

UnderCovers : agents doubles (Fr. v. of Undercovers)

As requested by the CIA, a husband-and-wife ex-agent team is asked to resume service for a special mission. Once completed, they ask the agency to use them in future sensitive and dangerous missions!

[youtube Ml362f1qGKU 600]

Winners & Losers (French title to be confirmed)

With a surprise invite to their “Ten Year High School Reunion”, Bec, Jenny, Frances and Sophie are about to discover what it really means to be a winner. They are content in the different lives they’ve forged for themselves. Thrown together in High School to avoid the attentions of school bitch Tiffany Turner, the girls have graduated to women and have moved on from their High School days. Together again, they soon discover what it really means to be a winner. But does the prize equal happiness?

[youtube KSk8sPrIjbQ 600]

Life Unexpected (French title to be confirmed)

After 15 years bouncing from one foster family to another, Lux has decided it’s time to become an emancipated minor. Her journey through the legal maze leads Lux to her biological parents, Nate “Baze” Bazile and Cate Cassidy. When a judge unexpectedly grants temporary joint custody to Baze and Cate, they agree to make a belated attempt to give Lux the family she deserves.

[youtube pX2mgcHubbw 600]

Want to learn more about Séries+’s 2012 Summer season? Visit our interactive program schedules for all the photos, clips and show description.

Have a great summer!

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