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Funny Friday Videos: TV is doing the Harlem Shake too!

“Gangnam Style” is so 2012… Early 2013 is all about the “Harlem Shake”. For a month now, YouTube as been invaded by new dancing videos where groups of usually strangely disguised people dance to American DJ Baauer’s song “Harlem Shake”. The original Harlem Shake video has set a new viral trend and now counts more than 25 million views on YouTube so far.

TV networks and shows have also jumped on-board this crazy fad. Here are a couple of videos to entertain you on this Friday morning!

Harlem Shake – Classic TV Show Tribute

[youtube 2aZoVnE7sKM 600]

Happy Ending(ABC sitcom)

[youtube PwopeuXdtYs 600]

My Little Pony

 [youtube 7QmUsZikYdg 600]

Anderson Live‘s Staff Dances ‘Harlem Shake’ (CBS)

[youtube W3v9OOx7bCA 600]

The Today Show (NBC)

[youtube Yv60P7lra1s 600]

Portugal TV show

[youtube JaCH6jzpxKg 600]

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