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Historia this winter is all about people and their stories

This winter, Historia’s new shows take a deeper look at the people and their stories. Starting January 6, the channel will present 4 new original productions.

Les planches aux pieds tells the story of the province’s favourite winter pastime, skiing, through the eyes of the people who lived it, both in the major ski resorts and the small, family-oriented hills that have served as a backdrop for some of our fondest memories. Plus grands que nature celebrates every great region across Quebec through three inspiring angles: Agriculture & Rural Living, Hunting & Fishing, and Holiday Time. Taverne makes you relive the years when these places were the ultimate male domain. Les infirmières looks back at how the Quebec healthcare system was first structured from 1920 to 1940, focusing on the changing roles of nurses.

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Among the new documentary acquisitions, Héros de guerre doesn’t just vividly portray the iconic battles of World War II, it tells an epic story.  Forteresses! brings to life mighty medieval fortifications and the sieges they resist: clashes that defy the limits of military technology, turn empires to dust, and transform mortals into legends. Trésors décodés uses cutting-edge forensic science to examine one of the most controversial religious objects in the world: The Turin Shroud. Finally, Les as de l’aviation is a ground breaking new series that tells the stories of the most heroic airborne combat missions in history.

The miniseries Odysseus, a 2-part adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey stars Alessio Boni, Caterina Murino, Niels Schneider and Bruno Todeschini, will also be added to Historia’s winter programming.

Historia will also present new episodes of fans’ favourites including Cash Cowboys, L’atelier de restaurationPawn Stars : prêteurs sur gages and Fous des bolides.  

For all the details regarding Historia’s 2014 winter line-up, visit our interactive schedules at

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