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Humor serves a new campaign for L’Autorité des marchés financiers

A new multiplatform campaign of l’Autorité des marchés financiers (The Authority) was launched yesterday. Astral TVPlusMedia Creativity team, along with Astral Digital, developed a campaign to educate young people about the importance of budgeting. The campaign focuses on four themes, each one being at the center of priorities of 16 to 24 year olds’: “Studies” and “Credit” are actually being promoted, and “Appartment” and “Car” will be the themes for the 2013 spring campaign.

As part of this campaign, the Authority wants to encourage young people to consult an objective resource —  the website– and use the tools at their disposal to undertake their projects.

A humorous strategy was adopted for both web and TV components. Philippe Laprise, a well-know comedian and highly appreciated by young people, has been selected to speak to them!

Web clip – French only

[youtube cW4FyzFEg10 600]

TV clip “Credit” – French only

[youtube PUHtpja0E4c 600]

A contest micro site and an online budget calculator

Using humoristic clips, featuring Philippe Laprise, broadcasted on 4 of Astral TVPlus’ specialty networks (MusiquePlus, TÉLÉTOON, VRAK TV and  Ztélé), young people are invited to visit the website in order to try the simplified budget calculator. Once the Internet user completes his/her calculations, a personalized clip from Philippe Laprise is activated: a positive and balanced budget gets praises from Philippe, where a negative or neutral budget pushes the Internet user to reconsider his/her business!  At the end, the user can access the entry form to be eligible for the contest.

Promotional and commercial web exposure

To access the micro site, a promotional campaign was developed by Astral TVPlus’ web Media Creativity team. Featuring Philippe Laprise once again, the 2 contest bigboxes — “Credit” and “Studies” –are on rotation on the websites of, TÉLÉ, and Each bigbox leads to the contest microsite, in the environment related to the theme of the bigbox. Finally, a button is currently featured on the website and the contest section of the website

[nggallery id=10]

Astral TVPlus’ web Media Creativity team has also been commissioned by the Authority to develop the commercial bigbox which is featured on, TÉLÉ, and

All over social media

Another part of the Authority’s web campaign is on social media, young people’s favorite spot online! For instance, blog posts will be published on TÉLÉTOON la nuit’s blog at different times during this campaign, from Fall 2012 to Spring 2013. While remaining faithful to the irreverent style of, the blog posts will cover the main themes of the Authority’s campaign, while speaking more generally about the tools that facilitate budget planning and management for youth.

Each blog posts will have a caption on TÉLÉTOON la nuit’s Facebook page. In addition to this social presence on TÉLÉTOON’s Facebook account, the Media Creativity team has provided the Authority with bloopers of the clip’s shooting to feed the campaign’s Facebook page.

The first part of this campaign for the Authority is installed for 6 weeks on MusiquePlus, TÉLÉTOON, VRAK TV et  Ztélé, both online and on TV this Fall. A second phase is planned for March 2013.

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