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Interning at Bell Media is Anything But Doing Coffee Runs

Meet Emma, the Bell Media Intern. Here's her experience working for Canada’s premier multimedia company.

I didn’t realize I would find myself in a boardroom with an Owl and a Kangaroo, but then again I didn’t know what to expect from my internship at Bell Media. Having the opportunity to work with Animal Planet critters on the Discovery Fall Launch roadshow was an incredible experience. I was able to assist in the preparation of a series of presentations that ran over the course of a week, with visits to 17 media agencies across Toronto. Seeing the reactions from clients never got old, as whole boardrooms would light up (and scream) at the sight of Jasmine the kangaroo hopping into the room. A photoshoot with Ruby the owl was a bonus! Being on the roadshow was exciting and hectic, but very rewarding with the amount of positive feedback we received.

I recently finished my second co-op placement at Bell Media and it’s been an amazing experience. September has rolled around and it’s time to get back to the university grind. My name is Emma Simpson and I’m currently a student at Brock University completing my degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I’ve learned so much about business-to-business marketing. When I was first hired as an intern in the Marketing & Innovation department, I didn’t know what I was in for. I expected to do photocopying, answer phones and do coffee runs. In reality, the Marketing & Innovation team at Bell Media warmly welcomed me and gave me a rewarding co-op term. I was tasked with distributing and tracking merchandise, which can involve a lot of running around, but allowed me to meet the various sales reps and get a workout at the same time.

Through my first and second co-op terms, I developed a greater understanding of the strategy and implementation of a marketing business plan. A highlight of my co-op term was participating in the Discovery Fall Launch roadshow, as I already mentioned. It was a hectic week, with each visit consisting of a presentation, game and Animal Planet experience. I also helped out with the Amazing Race Canada premiere at the Much Music Studios on Queen Street, where I got to visit the set of etalk. Another benefit was being able to attend the CTV Upfront. Not only was I there to assist with guest check-in, but I was also able to enjoy the night and witness firsthand what CTV has to offer this fall – you’re in for a treat!

During my time at Bell Media, I took on more responsibility and truly felt like I was part of the Marketing & Innovation team. I assisted with a specialty TV promotional initiative this summer called “Treat of the Week’, where specialty treats – like gourmet éclairs, brownies and Shark-shaped candy apples – were sent to about 350 media buyers weekly. I was able to lend a hand to the team in not only sampling treats (yum!), but also ensuring they were accurately delivered to clients each week. My co-op work terms at Bell Media have been very rewarding and I’m heading back to school with further developed marketing skills. Before starting my internship, I wasn’t sure if marketing was something I was passionate about. Now, I can confidently say I love marketing and want to pursue it as a career. I’ll be back for my third co-op work term in January and I can’t wait!

Emma pic 2

Emma with Ruby the Owl

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Emma on the set of etalk



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