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McDonald’s presents… The McDonald’s Channel!

McDonald’s is introducing a new product! Only this time, it’s not a new burger but a TV network in its restaurants called The McDonald’s Channel.

The concept has already been implanted in test markets, such as Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. The fast-food chain will introduce the channel over the next few months to 800 restaurants in Southern California and Central California.

The Programming will include exclusive local news coverage as well as segments from “The McDonald’s Achievers”. Customers will watch on 42 to 46-inch HDTVs visible from 70% of seats, but there will also be “quiet zones” available.   

Important fact for advertisers: commercials will represent about eight minutes per hour and McDonald’s wishes to reach between 18 to 20 million customers every month.

Still intrigued by The McDonald’s Channel? While we wait for the concept to be introduce in the Canadian market, here is a short video that explains it.

[youtube jhzRr87oD_0 600]

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