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Our Teenagers Watch Even More TV !

Unlike popular belief, teenagers in Quebec watch more TV than ever before, even with the presence of all the new mobile technologies.

According to Nielsen, American teenagers watch close to 4 hours of television per day (28 hours a week), representing an increase of an hour compared to 2004.

In Quebec, we can observe the same trend: teenagers watch 1.9 hours more compared to 2004. Overall, they watch one less hour of television per week than adults*.

Instead of giving up on TV for new technologies, teenagers use them to complement the traditional way of watching content. Like TV, Internet usage has increase since 2008 (+41%). On the other side, other media – like magazines – decreased by 48% during the same period.


Source: BBM Infosys+, fr. Qc., Mo-Su 2a-2a, Broadcast Years. 

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