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Quebec documentaries at the heart of Historia winter programming!

Historia brings us a contemporary look of the past and our collective history. This fascinating voyage through time has grown by a historic 37% this fall!

Once again this winter, Quebec documentaries have pride of place on Historia. Here is an overview of what is new on Historia this winter.

 Reine du foyer – Quebec documentary miniseries

It might be hard to imagine, but no longer than half a century ago, in Quebec, we thought that women’s fate was to get married, to be mothers and devote themselves, from morning to evening, to the well-being of their families!


Papa a raison – Quebec documentary miniseries

In the French-speaking Quebec of the 1950s, a true man knew what he had to do: get married, start a family and work – often as a simple workman – to put food on the table. “Destined to get the short end of the stick”, men were rather miserable.


À toi pour toujours : la petite histoire du mariage – Quebec documentary miniseries

The encounter, the love at first sight, the dating and the engagement: women and men from Quebec tell, with emotion and humor, all the steps that led to their marriage.


In MemoriamQuebec documentary miniseries

A long time ago, almost all deaths were treated the same way in Quebec: a viewing at the funeral home for three days, a funeral at the church and a burial in Christian lands. In Memoriam analyzes not only the evolution of the funeral industry, but also the physical and spiritual issues related to death.


Sinbad (French version) – A new series on the famous Persian sailor

In this new version of the famous 8th century Persian tale, a young fighter named Sinbad commits an irreparable act and must live with a terrible curse until he atones for his sins: he cannot stay on land for more than one day. In search of redemption, he escapes to sea, where he lives incredible adventures with a group of ill-assorted characters with shady pasts.

 [youtube Uk8qV7v9_Bs 600]

This winter, Historia is bringing back your favorite series: Légendes de la route, Pawn Stars : prêteurs sur gage(Fr. V. of Pawn Stars), L’Atelier de restauration (Fr. V. of American Restoration), Cash Cowboys (V. F.) and À la recherche de la vérité (Fr. V. of Digging for the Truth).

Source: BBM Infosys, Fr. Qc., Mo-Su 2a-2a, French commercial market shares, audience composition (2+), average weekly reach, August 27 to October 21, 2012 vs August 29 to October 23, 2011.

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