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Séries+: The best of American crime and drama series this summer

Be sure to catch 3 new American crime dramas on Séries+ this summer, and the critically acclaimed series that combines courtroom drama, politics and steamy personal relationships!

The Good Wife (Fr. V.: Une femme exemplaire) – An A-List cast with Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth and Christine Baranski

Julianna Margulies ignites the screen as Alicia Florrick, the political wife whose world is shattered when her husband is caught in a sex and corruption scandal. Forced to support her family, Alicia returns to work at a Chicago law firm headed by Diane Lockhart and Will Gardner, a driven attorney with a passion for justice.

Since the French version of the 3rd season of The Good Wife has never been aired in Quebec, a major TV and radio advertising campaign is being planned for this summer. Stay tuned to catch a climpse of this sure success!

[youtube U3AR1SfYBkk 600]

NYC 22 (Fr. V.: NY 22)

In the concrete jungle of New York City, there’s a thin blue line between law-abiding citizens and ruthless criminals. Feel the rush as 6 rookie cops from Upper Manhattan’s 22nd precinct clash with gangs, violent offenders, petty crooks – and each other.

[youtube 9hFB9twif2o 600]

Major Crimes (French title to be confirmed)

Major Crimes takes television’s favorite squad of detectives — known to viewers from the hit series The Closer (Fr. V.: L.A. Enquêtes prioritaires also on Séries+) — into bold new territory. The series picks up where The Closer leaves off, centering on what it takes to secure an airtight conviction, exploring how the police and prosecutors work together to build a solid case that will result in a suspect confessing, signing a plea agreement or being found guilty in a court of law.

A marketing campaign (on both TV and radio) is also being planned for this summer to announce the arrival of The Closer‘s spinoff, Major Crimes

[youtube PFeWO8AQZYw 600]

Common Law (Fr. V.: Wes et Travis)

Common Law is about two cops with a problem – each other. Despite their differences, they are incredible detectives. When things come to a head during their “seven-year itch” as partners, their captain forces them into couples’ therapy to save their “work marriage.” Despite being an odd couple, Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell are incredible at what they love most: enforcing the law.

[youtube sH390Ghsd2c 600]

New Episodes on Séries+

Drop Dead Diva (Fr. V.: Diva de l’au-delà) and Joséphine, ange gardien are returning this summer with all-new episodes. 


For all the details regarding Séries+’s 2013 Summer line-up, visit our interactive schedules on the AstralTVPlus website

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