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Social Media Make You Watch More TV!

Originally posted by The Lost Remote on February 27, 2012.

According to a recent survey by, it appears that social media really do drive TV ratings in the US! Results are impressive:

  • 17% of respondents say they have started to watch a show because of a social impression
  • 31% say they have continued to watch a show because of a social impression
  •  71% of’s respondents say they’ve seen social messages about TV shows

The most interesting stat shows that people are watching more live TV to avoid spoiler alerts: 27% of respondents say they watch more live TV to “to avoid plot and reality spoilers that may be revealed in real time on social networks.”That number is up by 20% from years ago only!

Social media are said to help bring back the “shared experience” of watching T – people want to participate and perhaps even more true for people who want to avoid spoilers in their streams.

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