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Social TV and second-screen viewing: 2012 stat overview

In 2012, studies from Nielsen, Google, Deloitte, Thinkbox, BskyB and many others tell us that somewhere between 75% and 85% of TV viewers are using smartphones, tablets and/or laptops while watching TV. However a lot of these people are doing unrelated tasks. But do we know how many taks they perform, what they are doing, and what it might mean for the TV industry?

Somewhere between 37% and 52% of viewers are actually using their second device to look for something relating to the show they’re watching, while between 27% and 44% are browsing for products spotted in a show or ad, depending which survey you believe.

It’s looking like more than a fifth of TV viewers are chatting on Facebook or Twitter about the shows they’re watching, although again, lots of people are on these sites for unrelated reasons (between 42% and 48% overall, by the looks of it, which includes related and unrelated use).

For more information on each study, visit the links below:

–       eDigitalResearch / IMRG (October 2012)

–       Red Bee Media / Decipher (October 2012)

–       Verizon / Harris Interactive (October 2012)

–       BskyB / YouGov (September 2012)

–       Google / Ipsos / Sterling (August 2012)

–       Ericsson (August 2012)

–       Deloitte (August 2012)

–       Pew Research Center (July 2012)

–       IAB UK/ ESPN (July 2012)

–       Thinkbox (June 2012)

–       IAB / Ipsos MediaCT (May 2012)

–       Nielsen (April 2012)



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