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Social TV interactions on the rise so far this year!

We all know that Social TV is no longer a fad or a social phenomenon. We see more and more reports on this matter and companies specialized in measuring social interactions have a lot of data to prove it. Social TV is now a trend that is set to last for a while. The number of consumers using social media to talk about TV shows has shown a tremendous growth since the beginning of the year.

On that note, a recent article by Lost Remote reported that there has been over 350 million social conversations and interactions around TV so far in 2012. This represents a 171% growth compared to last year, says Trendrr!  

Trendrr also provided a summary of June’s social TV activity in its whitepaper. Here are some of the hightlights:

  • 81M+ social interactions were recorded in June, the highest month for social activity to date (with a 681% increase in social activity from June 2011, and a 15% increase from May 2012)
  • ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars (which French version will be back on VRAK TV this fall for a second season) has the largest engaged audience based on total activity and average activity by telecast in June
  • Other cable winners include America’s Best Dance Crew (broadcasted in French on MusiquePlus) and Dance Moms (French version on Canal Vie this fall)

The report also shows that the highest Twitter activity is on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thrusdays. We also learn that Twitter counts for more than 50% of the social conversations in a majority of the Top 50 most engaging shows of the month.


Source: The Lost Remote, “Social TV interactions skyrocketed 171% this year”, July 13, 2012. 

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