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STAT TV: Canadians Are Watching TV… and Commercials

Despite the TV Everywhere phenomenon – the ability to watch TV shows anytime, anywhere – Deloitte reports that 95% of programs are still being viewed live or within 24 hours of broadcast, regardless of whether they are being watched on a TV, computer, smartphone or tablet. 

Other stats bring good news to advertisers. According to BBM, Canadians watch 240 hours of commercials and spending 80% of their time watching commercials on television.

As for watching TV on tablets goes, the 2011 Media Technology Monitor show no basically no difference between Francophone (2%) and Anglophone (3%).

Finally, we can now say that PVRs – personal video recorders – are part of the TV lanscape in Canada. In 2011, its penetration rate in Canadian households reached 31%. However, only 5% of households watched playback TV in the fall of 2011 (French article). Interesting fact: its the Top 10 shows that are the most watched on PVRs.

Source: Marketing Magazine, “Stat Attack: Who’s Watching TV”, March 5, 2012.

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