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Canal D’s fall debut impresses!

With a 27% increase of its market share amongst adults 25-54 years old and a 26% amongst men 25-54 years old, Canal D is the #1 specialty network for these 2 targets. Canal D is also doing really well amongst women 25-54 years old with a 27% increase of its market share, which ranks the network in 2nd place of specialty networks for this target after Series+.

Also note that Canal D is still as efficient to reach adults 25-54, adults 18-49, adults 18-34 and teens 12-17.

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Source: BBM Infosys+, Fr. Quebec, Canal D, Mo-Su 2a-2a, A12 : Du 20 août au 28 octobre 2012, A11 : du 22 août au 30 octobre 2011.

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