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STAT TV: Connected TV brings good news to advertisers!

The number of North American households with a smart TV will reach 87 million by 2016, according to new research from Parks Associates. According to Parks Associates’ new whitepaper, “Connected TV Environments: The Next Iteration of TV Advertising”, 72% of connected-TV owners say the connected platform makes watching TV more convenient, and 65% said the technology makes the TV experience more enjoyable.

“Connected TV systems have the ability to change viewer perceptions of advertising,” said Heather Way, senior research analyst, Parks Associates. “These systems enable advertising to be integrated into device navigation and content search, engaging consumers at a point of high receptivity and enabling them to immerse themselves in a rich brand experience. As a result, over 50% of U.S. connected-TV households surveyed by Rovi consider these ads as content, containing useful and valuable information, and they are much more likely to remember and click on these ads.”

For more information about the report, click here.

Source: Parks Associates, BizReport,  November 9, 2012 “Connected TV Platforms Have Positive Impact on Consumer Advertising Perceptions”,

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