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STAT TV: PVR owners still watch live TV!

 According to a TVB Canada study, 88.7% of Canadian PVR (personal video recorder) owners still watch TV live! Only 11.3% of PVR owners watch TV in playback mode.

The study also finds that not all ads are being skipped in PVR mode. In fact, in PVR households, 51% of viewers report that they stop skipping to view commercials of interest, and 71% report that they are aware of the advertisers in the commercials they see during fast forward.


Source: Television Bureau of Canada, “PVR 2012:  PVR ownership and use” , November 2012 (BBM Canada InfoSys+ TV PPM; Total TV PPM; Total Canada 2+; Mo-Su 2a-2a; 2011/12 Broadcast Year).

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