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STAT TV: Social TV Generates More "Real-Time" TV Viewing!

According to a research firm, iModerate Research Technologies, Social TV – a phenomenon by which viewers engage in social media while watching TV, to comment on shows that they are watching – is making viewers opt more often to watch TV in real time (live) and not in playback mode.

58 % of viewers who habitually engage socially while watching television say that they watch more shows in real time, because they have a need to be part of the conversation as it happens. These types of viewers are said to be more active consumers and influencers than the norm. 

A third of them said that their main reason of being social Tv viewers was to give feedback to the network and to show support for their shows. 91% of these viewers use Facebook and 38% use Twitter for this type of TV viewing.


Source : “Social TV gives live viewing an edge over time-shifted”, Digital Media Wire, 26 March, 2012. 

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