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STAT TV: Tech Savy Children

According to a recent survey from Common Sense Media, the past two years have seen an explosion in the use of mobile media platforms and applications among children age 8 and under in the U.S. However, despite the rise of mobile devices, Television continues to dominate children’s screen media time.

In 2013, Children spend an average of 1:55 a day with screen media which includes time spent watching TV, playing video games, using a computer, and using mobile devices.  Time spent with screen media ranges from an average of about an hour a day among children under 2 years old (:58) to 1:58 among 2 to 4-year-olds and 2:21 among 5 to 8-year-olds.

Television is the medium they spend the most time with, by far: an average of nearly an hour a day (:57). Nearly six out of 10 children (58%) watch TV at least once a day compared to 17% who use mobile devices on an everyday basis, 14% who are daily computer users, and 6% who play video games every day. For many children, television is a constant companion whether they are actively “watching” it or not. Educational TV is the most popular among young children. Parents report that 61% of children often or sometimes watch educational shows, 52% watch children’s entertainment shows that frequently, 11% watch “general audience” shows, and 7% often or sometimes watch “adult” shows like CSI.

To know more about the findings of this study, visit the Common Sense Media website.


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