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STAT TV : Television Video Advertising is More Effective than Online Video Advertising

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Placemedia, the company with the only fully-automated self-service portal for national television advertisers, announced its findings from its 2013 Advertisers Survey.  The survey of 264 advertising executives across the United States that placemedia commissioned from uSAMP, found that 89% of them found television video impressions were more important than online video impressions.  A similar overwhelming majority of 88% say there are benefits in better targeting in television advertising, including:

  • Better delivery of a message that relates to their viewers’ interests (57%)
  • More effective use of advertising resources (42%)
  • Better use of advertising dollars (42%)
  • Increased return on investment (38%)
  • Less tune-out from consumers (29%)
  • Better delivery of desired goods directly to the consumer (27%)
  • More efficient campaign development (21%)

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