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STAT TV: Which Forms of Advertising Do Consumers Trust – and Act On – the Most?

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Online consumers around the world place their greatest amount of trust in earned media, while TV wins among paid media, finds Nielsen in its latest “Trust in Advertising” report. 84% of respondents said they completely or somewhat trust recommendations from people they know, a 6% point increase from 2007. Branded websites (+9% points to 69%), consumer opinions posted online (+7% points to 68%), editorial content such as newspaper articles (67%) and ads on TV (+6% points to 62%) were next. The rankings differed slightly when it came to the forms consumers claim they’re most likely to act upon.


When asked the extent to which they take action on these forms of advertising, respondents again pointed to earned media first, with 84% saying they always or sometimes act on recommendations from people they know. Consumer opinions posted online remained in the second spot  (70%), while TV ads (+6% points to 68%) overtook branded websites (-2% points to 67%) for the third spot by a slim margin.

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