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STAT TV: Young Consumers Switch Media 27 Times An Hour – AdAge

Earlier this week, AdAge reported that an American study recently commissioned by Time Warner’s’s Time Inc. found that consumers from the “digital natives” generation (consumers in their 20s) switch media about 27 times per nonworking hour — the equivalent of more than 13 times during a standard half-hour TV show.

Though it had only 30 participants, the study offers at least directional insight into a generation that always has a smartphone at arm’s length and flips from a big TV set to a smaller tablet screen and back again at a moment’s notice.

The study’s subjects were split evenly between natives and “digital immigrants” (consumers who grew up with old-school technologies, such as TV, radio and print, and adapted to newer ones). Immigrants switched media venues just 17 times per nonworking hour. Put another way, natives switch about 35% more than immigrants.

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