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Subaru and the IRONMAN athlete: One and the Same

By Agence Rinaldi and Astral Out of Home

As part of the worldwide partnership between Subaru and IRONMAN, Agence Rinaldi mandated Astral Out of Home to produce and install 10 consecutive Superboards (with extensions) along either side of Autoroute 15 North. The sequences of two boards completing one another give tribute to the intense athletic skills that IRONMAN participants use to finish the races – this year’s competition is happening on August 16th at Mount-Tremblant. The images suggest that the qualities IRONMAN athletes possess are represented in the standard features of Subaru vehicles.

Agence Rinaldi is recognized for winning a Grand Prix Média for creating a snow shovel stunt for the Quebec Subaru Dealer Association last winter.

Subaru_Ironman_26 (2)


Subaru_Ironman_14 (2)

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