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Take a Button and Meet you at the Top of the CN Tower!

Meet you at the top … of the tallest freestanding building in Toronto! This is the message the CN Tower shares with visitors and people on holidays in its campaign with Astral Out of Home. The installations feature a spoke-like image made up of the shape of the tower. The interior posters of transit shelters were installed with a grid of brightly coloured buttons glued on to the surface of the glass which hides the message. People waiting in these shelters were invited to take the buttons as souvenirs. Once the buttons were removed, the full message of the poster was revealed.

The new installations were set up on July 29th at Dundas St. & Bay St, along with University Ave. & College St, and will be displayed until August 17th. By midnight on the day of the installations, consumers had removed all the buttons at Dundas St. & Bay St. The campaign’s first flight ran at Dundas St. & University St. and Carlton St. & Yonge St. from June 29th to July 5th, with great success – all the buttons were removed by consumers by the third day of the campaign, revealing the entire poster.

The tower’s marketing team will encourage sharing of the experience through social media, and have surprise and delight tactics in store to “catch” people with the buttons throughout the balance of the summer.

CN Tower Special_7884


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