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TECH TV: Big Buzz around Apple's new devices

The name of the more than famous Californian society, Apple, is on every lips nowadays since its press conference this week. CEO Tim Cook had the pleasure to announce the arrival of two new members in the iPad generation: the iPad Air and the iPad mini with retina display. The iPad Air is incredibly thin and light while remaining ultra-performing. On the other hand, the iPad mini with retina delivers a sharp text viewing with the same airy design. Concerning the new MacBook Pro, its revamped design, new extended battery life and competitive price enhance the device’s performance altogether. “The new Mac Pro is our vision for the future of the pro desktop, everything about it has been reimagined and there has never been anything like it,” says Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. Numerous updates on the apps have also been presented at the same occasion. Happily, those apps will be free from now on for the customers buying the new devices.

Apple’s new announcements make the consumers hungry for the upcoming inventions. Apple fans are waiting to see the newest version of the Internet-delivered television and are wondering when will it be available on the market. According to La Presse, an ultra high definition version is coming up in the following year. Tim Cook mentioned that the television is on their top priorities list for the society’s development. Let’s see if Apple can stay ahead of Amazon, Google, Sony and Intel concerning the Internet-delivered television market.


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