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TECH TV: Fujitsu introduces a new way for consumers to connect with ads

Recently, Japan hosted its annual CEATEC conference (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies), the Japanese version of Consumer Electronics Show. Many new gadgets were introduced by several Asian tech manufacturers, and Fujitsu was one of them.

Fujitsu’s booth featured a new way for consumers to interact with ads through a TV screen: “the system allows for transmitting coupons, URLs and other digital information from a TV screen to a user’s smartphone. Theoretically, when a viewer is watching a commercial, they’ll see a prompt to hold up their phone’s camera to the screen, and doing so will bring up a corresponding coupon or website on their handset — it takes about two to three seconds here for the recognition.”

Here is Fujitsu’s demo in action!

[youtube zH_n03SZEik 600]

Can’t wait to see when this technology will hit the US and eventually Canada…

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