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TECH TV: Yahoo! and Samsung Form Multi-year Partnership to Deliver Interactive TV

 Yesterday, Yahoo and Samsung announced a multi-year partnership . By combining Samsung’s Smart TV with Yahoo’s Broadcast Interactivity, viewers will have access to intelligent content.

They will take advantage of real-time content to enhance their television experience whether they are watching a TV show, a movie, or a commercial. According to the official press release, subtle on-screen prompts will inform TV viewers that additional content can be accessed. Using a connected tablet or phone as the remote, Samsung Smart TV viewers will easily be able to access content or offers related to the TV shows and commercials they are watching.

“By combining watching TV with engaging content, we can change the way audiences are entertained and informed. We are thrilled that our expanded partnership with Samsung extends our platform’s footprint, enabling our content partners and advertisers to reach many more consumers. Content owners can augment their programming, and advertisers can create compelling calls-to-action that allow audiences to engage on marketing messages the moment they are delivered.” said Vice President of Connected TV at Yahoo, Ron Jacoby.

For more information about Yahoo and Samsung partnership, you can consult Yahoo press release.


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