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Watch for state secrets, mythical characters and military documentaries on Historia this summer!

This summer, Historia is offering a wide array of gripping documentaries and series! Here is a quick overview of what’s in store on Historia starting May 21st.

Espions d’État (Fr. v. of The Agency)

Espions d’État is a thrilling series about the high-stakes inner workings of the CIA and its global network of intelligence agents. Whether preventing terrorist attacks at home or abroad, protecting the stability of foreign governments, or preserving the integrity of the CIA, the operatives are acutely aware that they deal in life and death every day. Portraying spy stories taken straight from the headlines, Espions d’État examines the moral and ethical struggles reflected in each of its characters, detailing the investigations of this very secretive government bureau.



Dossiers secrets (Fr. v. of Mystery Files)

From the Legends of King Arthur and Robin Hood to the recent events of the Russian Revolution, history is full of fascinating and evocative unsolved mysteries. In Dossiers secrets, the dust is blown off the case files of the world’s most famous and iconic mysteries in a dynamic series that asks, what is the truth behind the greatest stories ever told?

 [youtube hYjJA2n2NeU 600]


This summer, the « Documentaire militaire » timeslot offers two new series:

Les cerveaux de la IIe (Fr. v. of Generals at War)

As commanders from the great battles of WWII go head-to-head on the battlefield, they attempt to outwit and outfight each other with strategic moves in a game of skill, bluff and counterbluff. With the lives of thousands of men at risk, the generals’ reputations hanging in the balance, the stakes are impossibly high and the pressure is on.

[youtube GJ718MZ3wYw 600]


Hélicoptères au front (Fr. v. of Helicopter Wars)

This gripping series features daring helicopter rescues staged in the Vietnam, Falklands, Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Hélicoptères au front features extraordinary personal bravery in the most treacherous of environments.

[youtube 6pmMdf-YKQQ 600]


Want to learn more about Historia’s 2012 summertime programming? Click here to visit its interactive schedule and see all of its new shows!

Have a great summer!

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