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Winter 2013 brings a new original production and new episodes of police drama on Séries+

Séries+  is the most watched specialty channel among women aged 25 to 54 years old. This fall, the network’s market share grew 40%!

Here is a quick preview of what’s to come on Séries+ in January 2013.

Mon meilleur ami (Original Production) – With Claude Legault and David La Haye

As usual, Séries+ delivers another powerful original production this winter. Mon meilleur ami focuses on two best friends whose lives are turned upside down when an accident leaves one of them paraplegic.

 This 5-part miniseries drama features an impressive cast of Quebec actors such as Claude Legault, David La Haye, Catherine Sénart, Mélissa Désormeaux Poulin, Louise Laparé, Louisette Dussault et Jean-Nicolas Verreault.

La diva du divan (Fr. V. of Necessary Roughness)

In terms of acquisition, La diva du divan is a new comedy/drama which focuses on a tough and sexy Long Island divorcee who gets a job as therapist for a professional football team in order to make ends meet. Athletes, musicians, politicians and others living in the spotlight – all in a moment of crisis – clamor for her unique brand of tough love therapy.

[youtube FLlJGHOyivo 600]

Hellcats (French title TBC)

Marti, an indie rocker chick with an attitude, is smart, resourceful and studying law at Memphis’ Lancer University. Studying aside, she spends most of her days observing from the edge, mothering her mom, Wanda, and hanging out with her best bud, Dan. But when Marti’s funding for law school is lost, her only chance to stay in school is to win a scholarship awarded to members of the Hellcats, the school’s competitive cheerleading squad — which is pretty much the last thing Marti wants to do.

[youtube G5b3rAxj8G8 600]

Several police drama series are back this January !

Fans will be happy to reunite with their favourite intrigues on the hit shows Hawaii 5-0 (Fr. V. of Hawaii Five-0), Blue Bloods (V. F.), L.A. Enquêtes prioritaires (Fr. V. of The Closer), Rizzoli & Isles (V. F.) and La loi et l’ordre : crimes sexuels (Fr. V. of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit).

To find out more on Séries+’s winter programming lineup, visit the Astral TVPlus website.


Source: BBM Infosys, Fr. Qc., Mo-Su 2a-2a, French commercial market shares, audience composition (2+), average weekly reach, August 27 to October 21, 2012 vs August 29 to October 23, 2011.

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