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WoM and TV Advertising: Key Drivers for Brands

New research from British research firm Thinkbox reveals that TV advertising is the most-effective medium in generating word of mouth (WoM) for brands, responsible for 51% of the conversations.

The research—“Paid, Owned, Earned: TV’s Influence Calculated”—was to look at what creates WoM for brands. TV advertising contributed to 51% of the conversations, followed by PR/events/brand news, with a very distant 19%. Online search, display and affiliate ads accounted for 12%. In total, paid-for advertising is responsible for nearly three-quarters (72%) of total WoM about brands offline or online (includes all other media).

Neil Mortensen, research and planning director at Thinkbox, said: “Word of mouth can be marketing magic, but paid advertising’s causal effect is often overlooked with too much emphasis put on what is easily counted or highly visible—where the conversation happens rather than what drove it. This research has revealed for the first time what actually stimulates people’s brand conversations and it is clear that investment in advertising—and especially TV—is key to getting people to talk about your brand positively.” 

Katherine Munford, director at Data2Decisions, added: “While conversations naturally occur as consumers use products and services, brand communications generate significant word of mouth. Owned and earned online platforms amplify the effects of paid media by providing hubs for conversation, but delivering a long term impact is best achieved via paid media—with the audio-visual power of TV being especially powerful.”

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