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Women are social media influencers and media mavens

For all the talk we hear about women and their domination of Pinterest, there should be equally as much talk about where the female population stands with other networks.

The team at marketing agency Weber Shandwick recently pulled together a nice subset of social media data points that attempt to explain how women influence and offer their voices to the social media spectrum.

In the company study they found that 86% of women currently have a social media account and most have 2.2 accounts (on average). The study also found that Facebook, not Pinerest is the most prevalent network among women. In fact 81% of women currently have a Facebook account.

Of those women who use social media the average time spent on social sites is 12 hours per week.

Women don’t just like social networking, they LOVE it. The study found that 86% of women said they value spending time with family members and 77% enjoying spending time with friends in real life. In comparison, 75% of those women questioned said they love Facebook, Twitter and other social network time while only 72% said they liked dating and spending time with their partner.

But women don’t just like social media, they influence people, brands and movements. The study found women who use social media are almost double as likely to recommend a brand to their friends and family. The study also found that social media women are more likely to ask for recommendations when it comes time to buy products.  Women are also influential in their never ending question to re-tweet brands and products and to re-pin their favorite things on Pinterest.

Most interestingly from an influence point of view, women who use social media accounts are almost double as likely to post comments about products on forums, websites and via e-commerce platforms.  Those same women are also more likely than non-social media using women to post photos of products they like or disapprove of using.

Social media using women are also media mavens who tend to watch more TV, listen to the radio more often and read the newspaper in print form. That is why women are ideal target groups for advertisers!


Source: Weber Shandwick Profiles “The Women of Social Media”: Second Segment in Study of Digital Women Influencers, March 4, 2013. 

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